House rules and conditions

Dear guests, we would like to ask for your attention to the points below:


A maximum of one car may be parked at the assigned parking lot ‘bojoli living’ near the home. Any additional cars must be parked at the commercial parking lot. Don’t park on roads, this causes issues during emergency situations.


We offer pet-free accommodations. As much as we love pets ourselves, we have to charge Sfr 50 extra for cleaning separately.


Smoking in the accommodation is not allowed in the apartment . There’s an ashtray outside.


Listening to music is wonderful, but please mind your neighbours. After 22:00, we enjoy the peace and quiet.


Candles create a great atmosphere but don’t leave them unattended.


Visitors’ cars should be parked at the commercial parking lot.

It is not allowed for your (day) visitors to spend the night without our prior consent and knowledge.


You are also not allowed to place one or more tents, popup campers, caravans etc. in or near the accommodation.


You are obligated to use the bed linen rented by you. It is not permitted to take the bed linen and the other bed textiles out with you.


Indoor furniture needs to remain indoors, please don’t take chairs etc. outside. Furniture needs to remain at the same location for combination rental as well.


Please take the sunscreen or parasol (if present) indoors during hard winds and rain.


The dustbin and fridge should be emptied before departure. As well as the garbage. The container for your garbage can be found to the left, next to the park’s main entrance, behind the wooden enclosure.


Empty bottles can be disposed of in the glass container, which you’ll find at the entrance of the parking lot


If you break or damage anything, please do us the courtesy of notifying us.

In case the house rules are not respected, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures, any costs incurred with this will be charged either in full or in part via the SEPA authorization form.

We wish you a very pleasant stay at one of our homes.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Do you have any questions? you can always contact us either via telephone, WhatsApp, SMS or via email. * + 31 612 999 547 * info @ *

We hope we can count on your understanding and hope never to have to use these measures.

Of course, this goes both ways. You may expect quality and appropriateness from us. Should there be any defects or issues during your stay, please let us know so that we can remedy/fix it immediately.

General rules:

Deposit/SEPA authorization

The deposit is CHF 250. You don’t pay this, but sign the SEPA form for it. After making your reservation, you will receive it automatically. It allows you to authorize us in the case of damages to transfer the money from your bank account.

We reserve the right to use the SEPA form to charge you for defects that require repairs. For damages that turn out to be more expensive, we reserve the right to charge the person renting the home. This allows you the chance to contact your travel or liability insurance.

In case you don’t notify us of any damages or defects that occur during your stay for which we will have to employ a company to repair the damage and if they are observed during the subsequent check of the home, we will hold you responsible for the costs of restoration or repairs.

Complaints and suggestions

Despite our care, it’s possible that you’ll have a complaint or suggestion. Notify us in a timely fashion so that we can maintain our service and quality and/or can improve it and take action during your stay.

Complaints and any issues reported only upon departure, can no longer be actioned.

As a guest, you are responsible for any damages that occurred during your stay, and are required to report them immediately, this includes damages caused by your fellow guests etc. Damages/breakages etc. that are already present or visible upon arrival should be reported directly on arrival. Reporting damages/breakages afterwards cannot be traced/attributed and will be charged to the person currently renting the accommodation.

We are NOT responsible for: damage and/or injury occurring as the result of staying on our property; damage and/or injury occurring as a result of the use of the facilities on the property.
We cannot accept responsibility for noise nuisance, inconvenience etc. experienced during the stay in and around our accommodations caused by third parties in the broadest sense of the word.

We cannot be held responsible when facilities break down and/or facilities or amenities are non-operational during your stay. Of course, we will be doing our best to have repairs, restoration or replacement carried our as soon as possible, and to ensure a solution that satisfies you.

Don’t let your (small) children out of your sight and don’t leave them alone in the garden or terrace.

General reservations

Making a reservation for our accommodations can be done online and directly via internet or phone + 31 6 12 999 547.

Upon reservation, 50% of the total cost per Ideal must be paid during booking (only after this has been done does your reservation become definitive). The rest amount should be payed one month before the rental period starts at the latest.
For (last minute) reservations shorter than a month before commencement, the entire amount must be paid at once.

You will have to arrange a cancellation or travel insurance yourself.

Our regulations regarding Cancellation are:
100% of the total amount of your rental period.

If the reservation you made can’t take place for whatever reason, we will consider it per individual case. Unfortunately, this sometimes involves costs, and rescheduling shortly before the period is not (always) possible. This is why we advise you to always conclude travel and cancellation insurance.

Terms and Conditions Short-term Cancellation Insurance

Arrival and departure
The rented accommodation can be entered on the day of arrival at 16:00.

Upon arrival at you will receive the key and other information that’s relevant to you.

On the day of departure, the latest checkout time is 10:00. If you’re leaving early or arriving late, no restitution can be granted.

In case the above regulations are not respected, we reserve the right to take appropriate measures.